Regulations for Car Shipping Carriers in Canada

Regulations for Car Shipping Carriers in Canada


There are many regulations that a car shipping carrier company has to follow in order to provide fully efficient and legal services in Canada. The Auto Transport Association commits to making sure the car shipping customers and car carrier companies know about these processes.

Auto Transport Association would like to help you hire a professional, responsible, certified and reliable car shipping company. We want you to have a great experience. Auto Transport Association is a community formed by car moving customers who like to share and compare car shipping experiences.

Federal Motor Regulations for car shipping

These requirements are very important for each car shipping company to follow:regulations for car shipping

  1. Special Training Requirements
  2. Controlled substance and alcohol use and testing
  3. State Compliance with CDL Program
  4. Safety Fitness Procedures
  5. Minimum Levels of Financial Responsibility for Motor Carriers
  6. General Safety Regulations
  7. Qualification of Drivers
  8. Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation
  9. Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance

If you are thinking about shipping your vehicle feel free to take a look at our reviews for advice. The Auto Transport Association and its vehicle shipping customers reviews and testimonies will give you a forecast on what to expect from each vehicle shipping company.

If you would like to share your car shipping experience  or if you are looking forward to transport your car we can help you. Contact Auto Transport Association!

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