About Auto Transport Association



About Auto Transport Association

The Auto Transport Association (ATA) is committed to studying, analyzing, reviewing, advising and encouraging car shipping companies, car or truck moving companies and all related auto transport companies to provide the best vehicle shipping service.

We are also committed to providing accurate information about; car brokers, car insurance, car moving companies, scam prevention, performance and car shipping reviews.

This will allow the Canadian community to be aware of the car hauling companies and the service they provide.


Auto Transport Association Canada believes that honesty is the best principle one could have. Doing what is ethical because it is the right thing, is as essential as being right-minded for a positive result.

For us, honesty inspires staff and consumers to build a foundation of trust with colleagues, competitors, staff, customers and every other individual.

We believe that substantial service from the car moving company to the customer will prevent future claims. Therefore if the customer is well informed, they will let the car transport company know exactly what they are looking for. This will also improve customer satisfaction!


Integrity is the concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. A transport company with integrity, we think, is an organized company with a very clear mandate. We believe that if you act with respect; follow rules and principles you will always have a good outcome.

If every Transport Company is committed to their customers and the shipping procedures are well executed their transport reviews will be the great!


Collaboration brings to your transport company a sense of a whole. Work together! This way innovations are not hard to reach. Improving car shipping services and delivering quality becomes an easy task. At Auto Transport Association Canada we are a team of vehicle shipping specialists in different areas, working together to improve customers experience in the auto shipping industry. From the company, to drivers to their customers.

Collaboration is crucial in the vehicle transport industry since having good communication will help develop the shipping process in an effective manner. All of the information must be very clear in order to obtain the best vehicle transport experience.


Auto Transport Association wants to motivate customers to demand the highest level of quality service and auto shipping companies to perform at the highest standards of professionalism in the car shipping industry. We want informed customers and certified companies in order to deliver an excellent car shipping experience. We work with determined and professional people to motivate customers, and auto transport companies to work in the same professional way; this is how you create a strong company and long lasting quality relationships.


For us confidentiality is a very important principle that needs to be respected when it comes to the auto shipping industry. At Auto Transport Association we believe in a platform where everyone can express their opinions and ratings. The ability to create a bond of trust with your customers will lead to many loyal customers, many recommendations and great ratings.

Auto shipping in Canada should be easy and safe, contact us for help!

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