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ABR shipping reviews

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Brutal, Never got our set of keys back!

Oct 16, 2016 by Jim

Absolutely brutal experience DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! It took us 2 months to get our car travelling from Toronto to calgary. They left it in the shipping yard for almost 3 weeks, called shipping yard & requested that they do not release the vehicle to them, unfortunately new person at shipping yard didn't read the communication and released to the ABR. Once in Alberta the driver for ABR dropped the car off in an a random parking lot in edmonton (not Calgary) unlocked, while the driver picked up another load and went to BC. After several phone calls and emails discovered where our car was, so we drove to edmonton to get car since it had been sitting there over a week. Thank goodness we had the second set of keys because the driver had taken the main set with him to BC. Called repeatedly and emailed for our keys....we have NEVER received them. Horrible experience Horrible company complete SCAM ARTISTS, NEVER EVER USE THEM! I can't believe they are still operating.


Jul 20, 2016 by Dan Ster

A very bad experience with this company! As soon as I wired the money, they stopped answering calls, didn't prepare the paper work, nothing! They are actually brokers, using other companies to transport your vehicle. Lack of communication! STOP USING THEM!

Aug 08, 2015 by Elaine

I contacted ABR shipping to ship my vehicle back to Vancouver to my parents. When quoting, I specifically told them I needed the car to arrive in Vancouver Aug. 25 - 27 because my parents will be travelling for a week afterwards and no one will be available to pick-up the vehicle. I told them I am available to drop off my vehicle WHENEVER as long as it got to Vancouver within that timeframe. Not too much to ask?

They agreed to come pick up my vehicle on Aug.11, and said one of their drivers will call me when they do. No one came to pick up on that day. I called them and asked about it and they told me that their driver is on vacation and they will assign me another one. Ok cool. ONE WEEK GOES BY. Did I say that I was on a time restraint?? NOBODY responded to my emails and inquiries within that week.

So the driver came to pick up my vehicle on the 18th. He was great, nice and professional. No complaints about the driver. He told me that the vehicle will be dropped off on a train that afternoon and will arrive at Vancouver in 10-14 days. So it just MIGHT arrive at Vancouver before my parents leave... Of course, no luck there.

I received an email from them on Aug. 26th asking me to confirm my payment. What? I already paid you guys 2 weeks ago? It IS a pay first then ship process. I called and asked about the payment, the lady on the other end of the phone sounded asleep. Answered with "mhm"s and "uh huh"s and was TOTALLY not listening to a word I was saying. Completely unprofessional.

ABR shipping told me they will call me when the car arrives in Vancouver and is available for pick-up. On the 16th day of waiting I was fed up with waiting. I called them and asked where my vehicle was. The lady on the phone says "Oh it was released an hour ago, did no one call you?" No. No one called me. "You can come pick it up now". Well no. I can't. Because no one is in bloody Vancouver! "Why did you send it to Vancouver if no one is in Vancouver for pick-up?" Are you serious? At this point I felt like blasting profanities. Ok, well if no one called me should I call some other number to ask about it? "No, stop calling us. We'll call you". Mother beep!

In the end I had them lock the keys up in the car so my parents could pick it up with the spare keys. I have no idea what condition the vehicle is in.

Don't EVER use this company unless you want your blood sugar to reach peak levels.

Auto Transport Association , USA 1.1 2.0 9 9 Absolutely brutal experience DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! It took us 2 months to get our car travelling from Toronto to calgary. They left it in the shipping yard for almost 3 weeks,
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