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ABR shipping reviews

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Very dishonest

Oct 08, 2014 by Alex

Very dishonest company. They picked my car 7 January 2013. Lots of calls, tons of excuses. After 45 days of waiting the car is not shipped yet.

Took our $ not the car

Apr 21, 2014 by Nellie

Took our $ but not the car. The day it was due in Toronto Natalie finally answered the phone and said driver had heart problems and car was still in Calgary. Didn't seem right to me, and I did the research I should have done before I gave my money, and decided to ship car with another company which worked out perfect. I called Natalie back after the car was already delivered via the other company and she said she was sorry but the car was still in Calgary and she did not see anything on the file explaining why it had not yet been picked up. (Obviously she had forgotten the previous lie she told me)I asked for a full refund, she promised in 2-3 business days....and over a month later I'm still waiting. I've gone to the RCMP, and now that 30days are passed I will go to them again. Incredibly this company just keeps taking peoples money and not delivering any service.

Update: April 26. Full refund!!!! After constantly emailing, phoning, etc., to no avail, I forwarded to them today a letter I had written to the local RCMP, and within an hour I had a response from them that they would email the money, and indeed they did! What a miserable experience this whole thing was but a lesson learned; due diligence ahead of time is a better way to go. If you are waiting for money back; call them, be angry, contact police, etc. Right now they have money because Alex said they were expecting, "insurance payout"....so demand your funds back.

Do not use them

Jun 12, 2013 by Jeff Wong

At all costs, do not use them as a shipping company. I
tried using them to ship my vehicle from BC to Ontario.

The day that I was asked to drop off my car at the lot, I went to the location, and tried to drop off my car, but the man at the lot would not take it. Turns out the lot was just somewhere that ABR stored the companies temporarily until they pick up the vehicles, and they are not actually a part of ABR. He told me that they couldn't accept the cars because the company had been blacklisted since they hadn't picked up any cars in nearly 2 months. I looked into the matter more and apparently peoples cars were not being delivered or turning up at auction yards.

At this point, I did not leave my car with ABR shipping. I asked them for a refund, since I had used no services and they refused to give it to me. I sent emails to them explainingmy situation and they replied sentences that were written in broken English. They blatantly ignored my requests until I threatened to go to the police. They then returned 80% of my money and said that I had to pay a 20% cancellation fee. The amount of money they took in the end was about $300, and it's too small to go after. So in the end, I wasted my time, did not have my car shipped, and lost $300.

Again, at all costs, do not ship with ABR.

Auto Transport Association , USA 1.1 2.0 10 10 DO NOT USE THIS TRANSPORT PROVIDER!!!!!Alex is the most dishonest person you will ever interact with in your life. Him and his Russian GF or whatever she is. If you hear any
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