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Promises and no Pay

May 27, 2016 by Jennifer

Auto rail had the Transport Company I work for pick up to vehicles in Alberta to bring back to a dock in Brampton. This happened in October of 2015. I have been calling them since January 2016 and no one returns calls. I am quite sure they charged the customers significantly more then the $700 and $900 we charged them to haul their cars. These people need to be shut down permanently

Poor service

Jan 07, 2016 by Brittaney

I contacted AutoRail Forwarders about shipping my vehicle from Fredericton NB to Calgary AB. The quote was delivered in a prompt and professional manner. I had contacted several companies and decided to go with the cheapest and fastest quote. A week or so before I was shipping my vehicle I wanted to change the departure city. I once again got a prompt reply. A few days before I was shipping my vehicle I contacted the company. And once again I got very prompt replies. Everything was all set up and I dropped my car off in Saint John NB on Dec. 23.

I was quoted 14-16 days on the shipping of my vehicle. On Jan 8 I decided to see where my vehicle was. I did not get a reply back. After many emails (many of which went unanswered) I was finally told that my vehicle had only made it to Halifax. It was now Feb and I was getting quite upset. Moving to a new city which no vehicle is very difficult. I did not get my car until Mar. 13. This is 80 days after I dropped it off. When I called, I spoke to Gerry who informed me that my car got mixed up with another vehicle. This is not satisfactory of any company. I asked if I could be compensated for my inconvenience. This apparently could not happen but if I ever wanted to ship my vehicle back I could do so at cost. I won't be doing that and if I was I would choose a different company so that my car would actually make it to me in a timely matter.

I would not recommend this company to anyone unless you do not need your vehicle for months. The price was right but the service was not.


Dec 29, 2015 by Autorail unfortunate customer

Worst/scariest experience I've had. I requested the vehicle to be transported in July from Halifax-Toronto, didn't receive it until the end of November. Took 2 weeks to pick it up, I requested that they pick it up at my house as the vehicle was not registered and could not be driven. They made me get a friend to take it to an auto dealership, where they outsourced the pickup to some other company. Gerry then called me saying that there were items inside the car which wasn't allowed, so I offered to have someone go to the dealership and take the items out. By the time my friend got to the dealership, it appeared that someone had already picked up the car and taken it to Halifax. I didn't hear back from Gerry for another 2 weeks, after sending him repeated emails and calling him almost daily. Then he emails me in ALL CAPS SCREAMING telling me that there were boxes inside the car and that it was all my fault, blaming me. Then he charged me more to get rid of the boxes, by this time 2 months had passed. He was then shouting orders over email for me to pick up the boxes at this random address in the middle of Toronto, and gave me no further information. I asked him to give me a call to give me more details and he bluntly said NO! PICK IT UP NOW! I didn't want the boxes in the first place and I was not going to go to a random stranger's house to pick them up. Another 2 weeks passed and I threatened to call the police if he didn't send me the vehicle. I had to get a lawyer involved to figure it out with Gerry because I was not able to get through to him myself. Gerry ended up sending the vehicle to the middle of nowhere in Toronto (3.5 months late), (remember I told them I needed it to be transported to my apartment since I was not able to drive it). The vehicle was in terrible condition (interior, exterior was surprisingly fine), with kleenex tissues everywhere, the license plates were removed, it smelled really badly. Overall, the worst service I've ever encountered. All I can say is, please do your research before choosing a service, ultimately I am the one to blame for choosing such a horrendous transportation service. After I did more research, it appears that Gerry has failed to deliver many times and he actually uses the car while he delays the process. He then says in his comments that only 1% of vehicles are delayed, YEAH RIGHT. If he is so busy as he says, he should hire more people to run an adequate service and stop wasting people's time and money.

Auto Transport Association , USA 1.0 1.0 25 25 My experience with getting my car moved across Canada was very stressful and frustrating. I wish I had read the reviews about this company before sending him my money. I would ha
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