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Nov 19, 2015 by Michael Henderson

The transportation was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances and we knew that there was a $300 cancellation fee. We paid the $1590 upfront and the balance was never returned.
A check was sent after 3 months of trying to get our money back but it bounced due to insufficient funds and that cost me $10. After contacting Gerry he promised to reissue the cheque but it is now almost one year later and no money.
I have contacted the Bedford Nova Scotia police but they can not do anything.
So judge for yourselves, but in my eyes that is nothing but theft.
Would you trust such a company for you vehicle move ? They get no stars and should be minus 5.

Shipped my car from Victoria

Oct 19, 2014 by  Nick in Kanata

Shipped my car from Victoria, BC to Ottawa, ON with Autorail in September 2010. Car showed up with extensive damages - to the point that the car is unable to be driven. The car was also extremely late by the date we received it. We were given the run around by Autorail for almost a year before filing a lawsuit, which we won, and have since been unable to obtain our judgement amount from the company. We provided the company with court documents at all stages, and have asked more than once for our verdict/judgement to be paid out. When speaking with the company owner, we were informed that the verdict was ridiculous and that they have no intention of paying out the money they owe us (over 4000.00). Although the company states, in a response to a previous complaint file, that I used their company to claim mechanical defects, this was not the case. I was able to prove to the court that the car had no damage prior to being shipped, and upon receipt had extensive damages - including paint damage, undercarriage damage, and damage to the exhaust system. The company also claims that I did not provide all documents to the courts, such as the terms and conditions agreement for shipping that was signed. This is also not the case. All documentation between the company and myself was given to the courts. The company owner knows this as I personally served him with the court documents when I filed against the company. They are making excuses as to why they won't pay. The car was DRIVEN to be dropped off, and was loaded onto the carrier, which it would not have been if it was not in drivable condition. When the car arrived it was no longer in drivable condition, and that was the reason for the lawsuit. The fact that the company is blatantly ignoring the orders of the courts to pay out the amount determined by the judge gives a statement of its own. The condition report that they are claiming we did not file, we were never requested to file. The original package sent via email by Steve Burley for the shipping was completed in full and returned. I also still have this e-mail with package attached that they are more than welcome to see. At not point in time was this report, that they are now saying was not filled out, ever requested from them. I also have all e-mail correspondence between myself and the company to prove this form was never mentioned, let alone requested.

I am a single mother

Oct 19, 2014 by Sherise

I am a single mother of a 3 year old boy, we flew out west to move. I called auto rail and advised my story and that I needed to have my car asap, elizabeth was quick in telling me that they were the best company and that they can have my ar delivered in 10-12 days. I asked her if it was ok to have items in the car cause she said yes that they are not responsible and that the windows can not be blocked. The were late picking up my car and when i got a email that was picked up i never heard from them till a week later when i called them and then finally got a email back. Elizabeth sad that she was not sure if my car was at the lot yet and that she will let me know well days later she emailed me again and said that was not their yet that will b in a few days. It finally got their and she said that they needed to have the full payment in full i said that so far this is not going well i will do half now and the rest when my car is here she was ok with that at the now a month has past and they have half of the payment she then called and said that she needed to rest before the car went on the train, this was not the agreement and I at this point wanted to cancel and she said that i have to pay 250 to cancel.I asked for the manager to call and a week later he did and started the call with ur going to hate me, he said that my car was full of items and that he is going to charge 150 to take my things out then storage then another 3 day delay to get my car on the train. i said that i was canceling and he said that he would send me my invoice and still have not heard from him. I called every day on the hour for a week and I yet to get a responce back I also have been emailing them. They still have my car.

All in all I have now lost 700.00 from them I got my phone bill and was 128.74 in LD charges, also i had a date as to when my car was being delivered i sent it to alberta so that my fathers dad can drive it here and it did not arrive in time (for my sons b-day) so now I have to take a night bus on a friday night for 12 hours with my 3 year old another 240.00 for the bus get my car and drive back to b to work for Monday. And that is another thing since my car is not here I have to bus my child to daycare in the am then bus to work then cab it to daycare cause bus takes to long and the daycare would b closed then we walk home to save money.


Auto Transport Association , USA 1.0 1.0 25 25 My experience with getting my car moved across Canada was very stressful and frustrating. I wish I had read the reviews about this company before sending him my money. I would ha
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