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Car Shipping Experience

The Auto Transport Association (ATA) was established to help auto shipping consumers and car carriers with the operation guidelines for all Auto-haulers, car shipping, vehicle moving, movers, freight shipping and vehicle transportation companies in Canada to make auto transportation easy, reliable, and fair.


To make the Canadian auto-mobile industry more fair and trustworthy we have a page for consumer reviews. This is where everyone could interact, place and review comments!

“Car shipping reviews” was designed for you to rate and report any transportation company. If your auto transport experience was not fully satisfying, please report the company you dealt with. ATA wants to raise awareness to all future vehicle transport customers. We will continue to encourage all auto shipping companies toget certified and follow proper guidelines.

Your opinion is of great importance and value! Please share any experience you’ve had with  auto transport companies in Canada!


Throughout the years we have come to find that transport companies are more likely to cooperate with you if they believe you are trying to work fairly with them. We encourage you to be reasonable but firm. If all fails, you may want to consider filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in the city where the transport company is listed. Also, you may file a complaint with us, we will look into it and create a file for you. This way, a record will exist which can help or dissuade people from using the involved company. At the same time this helps us create guidelines that over time move the auto transport industry forward in the best interest of customers.

These recommendations are apply to transport companies in the US as well. Vehicle shipping companies in the US work the in same way as the Canadian auto transport companies.

To avoid any unpleasant experiences, before hiring a company make sure their insurance is up to date, and consider them only if they are a certified company!

Visit the Auto Transport Association website to compare all the vehicle shipping companies with good ratings and available in your area. On the  vehicle shipping reviews page we have reviews, ratings and testimonials all based on previous customer experience.

Thank you for using Auto Transport Association Canada.

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