The Bill Of Lading in Car Shipping

What is a Bill Of Lading?

Auto Transport Association is committed to provide the information needed for car shipping users around Canada. One of the hardest things a customer has to deal with when starting any type of transportation process, is all the documentation needed when transporting the vehicle. Auto Transport Association understands this.

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The Bill of Lading (sometimes abbreviated as B/L or BOL) is a document used in the car transportation industry. It serves several purposes in international transportation trades, local in Canada or any other state. Note that this is also used in car transport from province to province. A Bill of Lading is issued by car carrier, auto towing companies, international car shipping companies, and Canadian fleet movers. This requires the car carrier to deliver the vehicle to the appropriate location.

The Bill of Lading confers title of the car, truck or SUV to the consignee noted on it. The bill of lading may also be made out “To Shipping Order”, which confers title of the vehicle to the holder of the shipping. This is a crucial document that is not provided to the customer directly but is a vital part of the transport service because without it there would be no record of the condition of the Vehicle.

Car moving companies make sure that their drivers have all the proper documentation to prevent any future claim from the customer. This is an image of an example of a Bill of Lading used on car shipping procedures in Canada:
What is a Bill Of Lading?

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