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Car Shipping Equipment

List of fleet:
  • Flat-bed car carrier.
  • Bi-level auto carrier.
  • Box car (Trail)
  • 7-12 spaces, auto Transporter
  • Cargo ships
  • Ramps
  • Safety Straps

No matter what type of transportation you choose, when shipping a vehicle it is really important that the car carrier driver secures the vehicle properly onto the vehicle carrier. Accidents may happen! If it was not strapped on properly the auto transport insurance company will not accept a claim for any damage that was caused by negligence. For this procedure, the driver must also be prepared for his own safety, they should always wear gloves and other safety clothes like a vest with reflecting straps, jeans and boots. Now they are ready to load!

For the vehicle to be loaded it is important that the car shipping company is using the proper equipment. If possible, ask them for a photo of the auto shipping equipment they have; the truck, ramps and straps.

Using the proper secure shipping equipment will guarantee the safety of your vehicle and in case of damage you will be sure they will take care of any damages. Keep in mind, this is only the case if the car carrier is certified.

On the following video you can see how they properly load an auto on the car carrier trailer. Notice that they are using gloves all the time, as well as chains and straps to secure the vehicle to the truck. In this case the loading procedure was done in daylight and in an open space.

On the next videos we will see the damages caused by not using then proper equipment.


Shipping cars is a procedure that cannot be taken lightly since a vehicle is worth thousands of dollars. You need to make sure that the company that you are contracting to help you with your vehicle moving needs has the proper equipment. In case of damage their insurance coverage is enough to make up for the damage caused to the vehicle. Doing some research on car shipping companies can help you prevent accidents or claims this is why we recommend that you visit our car moving reviews section. You can also submit your own car transport reviews.

If they do not use the proper equipment feel free to contact us and send us your comments or submit a car moving company review in our website, this way we will prevent these claims to any future customers.

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