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Car Shipping Procedures in Canada

car shipping proceduresIf you have done your research and have chosen a car carrier, it is now time to leave your vehicle in their hands. The car shipping company will care for your vehicle from the time of pick up to the delivery. They should keep you updated every step of the way.

Pick -up:

Some car shipping companies are able to pick your vehicle up directly from your residence or business if you require. Otherwise you are able to drive it to the terminal yourself.

Vehicle’s Condition report:

Before the vehicle is loaded onto the carrier, there will be a vehicle inspection. This is so that both parties are aware of the vehicle’s condition at the place of origin.


From there your vehicle will be driven up a specialized ramp onto the carrier and safely strapped in. The ramps are specially designed to avoid damage to the vehicle during the loading and off loading process.


Your vehicle will be securely fastened to the carrier’s deck with a sophisticated tie-down system that allows your vehicle to ride freely on its own suspension.


Your vehicle will now be shipped to its destination. During this process, it is recommended for you to keep good communication with the dispatch department. They should be able to provide you with updates and will always know where your vehicle is.


Your vehicle will arrive to the designated terminal and will be unloaded. They will store your vehicle in a depot until it is picked up. Unless you asked for a door delivery. The vehicle will be dropped off on your driveway.

In case the process does not go as expected:

If any discrepancy is noted, write it on the Bill of Lading and get the driver to sign it. Otherwise the insurance claim won’t proceed. Check the vehicle roof, front and rear bumpers.

Also take down the mileage reading before and after shipping your vehicle. These transport recommendations must be applied immediately so the auto transport company can respond to any damage.

The best Canadian companies are insured by 3 different types of insurance: Cargo Insurance, Garage Policy and Liability Insurance. Having different insurance coverage will give you the guarantee that your vehicle will be protected during the shipping process.

Once your vehicle gets to its destination, carefully review its condition. If you notice any damage to your vehicle, immediately take pictures. This will be used as evidence when the claim is processed.

If you receive a poor customer service from your shipping driver, contact your car transport company dispute department and try to work something out. It is crucial that you express your car shipping experience. Submit your transport review with us. We like to create awareness of an inappropriate service.

Auto Transport Association is here to help you find a solution. We will do our best to get your claim into the right hands.

Share with us and with the rest of the community your experience. Submit your shipping reviews or shipping testimonials. We can assist you with your car insurance claim. Please keep in mind that car brokers rely on the auto insurance of the car carrier that they hire. This means that they don’t have their own auto insurance so they won’t be responsible for any insurance claim.

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