Car Shipping Tips to Save Money Auto Transport in Canada

Car Shipping Budget – Tips

Car Shipping Budget - Tips

Who doesn’t like saving up a few bucks? Well, the automobile shipping customers are no exception!

If you are on a budget when trying to ship your vehicle all the way to a different location, there are many tips and recommendations that the Auto Transport Association can give you. First of all, you need to verify that the automobile shipping company that you are going to hire offers the service you are looking for.

Car shipping tips to save money!

There are a lot of factors that carriers take in consideration when they provide you with a quote, some of these are the size, weight, modifications and extra services. However the factor that determines the price is the Pick up and Delivery.

Car Shipping Tips – “Terminal to Terminal”

If you request a price from terminmal to terminal you can save some money since car shipping companies take the trucks from a yard to another. Terminals are located in the major cities. You may want to make sure that the terminal is at a convenient location before you book.

Auto Transport Tips – “Door to Door”

Having your vehicle brought to your front door sounds convenient. However, when one is on a budget our objective is to save. Car shipping companies, for the most part, charge an average of $150 dollars to pick the vehicle up at your door and another $150 dollars to drop it off on your drive way. To avoid this fee you can take the vehicle to the terminal yourself or look for a certefied car transport company that has “meet the driver” service. This allows you to meet the driver in an open area near you, incase the terminal is too far from you.

Car Transport Tips – Open Vs Enclosed Carrier

An enclosed car carrier is the safest way to ship your vehicle. This truck is boxed in and enclosed, usually use for antique cars, luxury autos, high-end sport or collectable automobiles. An enclosed carrier will protect the vehicle form weather elements and road debris. However it is about 60% more costly than an open carrier.  Open carriers are open on the top and sides and are able to carry up to 12 vehicles. All certified car shipping companies have 3 types of insurances. They are well aware that your vehicle is their responsibility while its on the road. Your vehicle will be handled with care either way.

The transport quote that the car carrier provides may or may not contain the extra charges like the fuel surcharge or the taxes. It is very important that you follow our transport recommendations to minimize the risk. You can also check our transport testimonials or car shipping reviews, which will let you know which car transport companies have all the shipping requirements updated so you don’t have to worry about it. You can also check the anti scam articles we have.

If you are interested in reading a car moving review you can go into our section for reviews and you will be able to see the different transport reviews. We want to let you know that the company reviews that are posted on our website are based on customer’s experiences. Whether you are moving in Canada or moving to Canada our car haulers will be able to provide you with a car transport quote with the best shipping rates and with the satisfaction of being the best Canadian companies.

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