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This company is run

Oct 13, 2014 by GEEPERS

This company is run like a gong show. Shawna and Courtney (a guy) were cordial but had no clue and were confused every time I called them.

I was told my car would be picked up on a Tuesday yet it sat in a parking lot in NB until Friday. Then, I was told it would arrive in Edmonton on a Thursday and the driver would call me. The driver did not call me in fact, NOBODY CALLED ME. The office in Ontario was closed for 4 days so on the 5th day, I CALLED them to find out where my vehicle was. I was convinced it had been stolen!

Jermaine gave me an address that turned out the be a seedy Furniture store. Turns out it was parked behind the store. The furniture store man gave the keys to my son-in-law without any ID or signature.
7-9 days turned into 15 days
This company will take your money gladly and then lie to you all the way to the bank and tell you anything you want to hear. If you want to be ignored, lied to and stressed out while your car is somewhere in Canada in the care of these jokers, then this is your company. Try someone else....anybody else!

I just moved to Regine

Oct 13, 2014 by DHARM

I just moved to Regina from Hamilton , Ontario. I handed them my car on December 12 2012, and i was told that it would take 5 to 7 days. And now its January 4 2013 and my car has still not reached. They hardly answer my calls. I talked to Jermaine Sinclair on January 2nd and he told me that it would take another 3 days. Its Friday today, if i did not get my car on Monday i am surely gonna go to the police and file a suit against them.
I regret the day i handed them my car.Its my advice to everyone that please never ever use this company. They are a horrible company with horrible customer service .

If I only listen to

Oct 13, 2014 by NON-MEMBER

If I only listen to the negative review here, then I won't have this experience. Moving a family of 5 from Mississauga, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta is already a stressful event but this one additional problem is more frustrating because I have tried to plan well what we need to do. My vehicle was picked up July 26 and I thought that giwing a leeway of at least 3 weeks will not be a big deal and can live with it. After so many phone calls with responses "We will get back to you asap" but no call back and finally got an email response from Jermaine Sinclair that vehicle delivery will be around August 30, I started to really get frustrated and worried. This also means I have to go to a rental car again so that my family can move around Calgary as a new resident.

Auto Transport Association , USA 1.0 1.0 6 6 This company is run like a gong show. Shawna and Courtney (a guy) were cordial but had no clue and were confused every time I called them.I was told my car would be picked up o
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