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This was a terrible experience

Sep 25, 2013 by Geraldo

This was a terrible experience. When I finally did receive my vehicle about a month after promised I was forced to pay $ 750.00 in extra charges. Once they have your money they will not refund it even when they cant deliver. If they do eventualy deliver your vehicle expect that they will tag-on charges before they releasing it to you.

I made a reservation

Aug 06, 2013 by stephmannette

I made a reservation through, which I have also reviewed and advise people to stay away from and my reservation was outsourced to Double Line Transport. It took almost a month to finally get my vehicle and was told 3 different times it would be picked up and then it wasn't. Getting information from Jermaine at this company was like pulling teeth. I couldn't even get where I was to drop off or pick up my car at right until the last minute. I could write a book about the communication problems and stressful time I had with this company, but long story short, do not waste your time. No one will return your calls or emails and you will not get any kind of updates in the long and annoying process of trying to find out where your vehicle is.

This is by fat the shadiest

Jul 16, 2013 by Suther

This is by far the shadiest company ever. Don't even give them your business as they don't know how to operate a business. They charged me for a cancellation when I didn't even realize I had confirmed my booking. Lyle said he didn't need my credit card info until later and I provided it in confidence. They gave me no documents to sign or anything. Other companies make you sign documents before they even take your car! What a pathetic way to make your money, by scamming people to obtain money any way possible. Pathetic. I was foolish and trusted them, hopefully others will see their "F" rating on the better business bureau and avoid at all costs.

Auto Transport Association , USA 1.0 1.0 12 12 I sent my car with double line from Ontario to Newfoundland and was told 7 yo 10 days. After 10 days I called and they told me my car was still in Nova Scotia because the driver ha
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