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Very bad

Sep 13, 2015 by Crunchy

My experience with this shipping broker was a sad example of getting what you pay for. After winning a car on eBay last year, I went with these guys because I wanted to support a Bay Area company if at all possible, and they charged quite a bit less than the only other one I could find (All-American Trucking in Burlingame, who really impressed me on the phone with their helpfulness BTW).

But with low prices come low service standards: they outsourced the transport job to a rather crappy trucker who miscommunicated, gave the wrong estimated date multiple times, and despite the promise of "door-to-door" service, spontaneously landed on some random street FIVE MILES from my house and then quit, summoning me to go out and meet him on the spot, which created a logistical nightmare. The car was unusually filthy, too.

On another note, this is one of those annoying businesses that spam-floods the Internet with multiple names/websites (I thought the company was called "All-Pro" until checking my credit card statement).

Bad Experience

Sep 13, 2015 by Irene

Transported a car from CA to OH & had to meet a deadline. Never once were the times given for pickup/delivery met, making someone call a day off work for nothing. After getting a call In OH saying to meet the driver to pick up the car, when I was promised address to address pickup/delivery, I went to meet the driver. Once there the driver harassed me because I was paying with a money order from USPS. Prior to even placing my order, the company informed me that only cash or money order are the accepted payment methods. The driver continued to harass me saying it's a fake & I needed to go to a bank to get cash (at 8pm). I had to continue to argue with the driver saying I don't have cash because I already got the money order for this delivery. After finally contacting his boss, the driver took my money order & left.

I used this company to deliver my car for peace of mind, but all I got was constant stress.

I will never be using, nor recommending this company again. The actual transport company was EZH, Inc.


Aug 05, 2013 by Zjibri



I was planning to ship my car from Edmonton to Ottawa, when I found this company "Express auto movers" online. I contacted them and have been in touch with whom I presume is the owner. He agreed to provide this service and asked for the full amount prior to arranging for the car shipping. I have transferred the full requested amount to the company's account. However, the company failed to arrange for the car shipping on the agreed time period. I have since been sending email asking for refund but they failed to even respond or acknowledge them. I have phoned several times leaving a number of voice messages, but they did not no reply or return the calls. The last occasion was today when I used a different number when the person "presumably the owner" hanged up on me pretending that he is not hearing!!

This has caused me and my family a great deal of distress and I really don't wish what happened to me and my family to happen to anyone else.

Auto Transport Association , USA 1.0 1.0 3 3 My experience with this shipping broker was a sad example of getting what you pay for. After winning a car on eBay last year, I went with these guys because I wanted to support a
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