F-150 fails against Silverado in test

F-150 fails against Silverado in test

Chevrolet wanted to show that regardless of how good an aluminum body of is in the Ford Lobo 2016, the box shows some deficiencies.

So to proof that the steel case of the Silverado/Cheyenne is better than the new generation of the best-selling pickup in the United States in the last 39 years, Chevrolet engineers performed a series of tests.

During the first assessment they dropped into the box of the pick ups 55 blocks with a total weight of 347 kg from a height of 1.5 meters. According to the video, the Silverado only suffered dents and scratches, however the F-150 was utterly deformed.

In the second test the goal was to drop a heavy toolbox inside the same box. As it happened before with the blocks the Silverado received only dents, while the F-150 became torn aluminum.
It remains to be seen Ford’s response to this evaluation discredits the use of aluminum in the pick ups.

Below is the video of this interesting test.

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