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Mar 16, 2021 by Lina

DO NOT USE THIS FRAUDULENT, NEGLIGENT COMPANY. I moved from Alberta to Ontario in the fall of 2020 & I hired this company to transport my Mercedes. I was told the transit time would be approximately 4 - 5 days.

The gentleman who came to inspect my vehicle for damage before it was taken away had noted the vehicle in perfect condition (as it should be since it was practically new with just over 20,000 km). The vehicle had brand new winter tires installed just a few weeks prior, & those tires were purchased from & installed by Mercedes. I paid $2400.00 for those tires, so they weren’t cheap. The summer tires were in the trunk, which I was allowed to include with the transit.

TEN days after my vehicle was picked up, I still hadn’t heard from Hansen’s regarding the status of my vehicle delivery. I had received all 10,000 lbs of my furniture from the movers in just three days, unpacked everything & settled into my new place, & my vehicle was missing in action.

I contacted Hansen’s to inquire on the whereabouts of my vehicle & they couldn’t find the status, not with my postal code or even with the shipment ID number that I provided to them straight from their own paperwork. Two days after being told that they’d need to locate my information & call me back, I had to call them yet again to find out what the heck was happening with my vehicle. Even the moving company, who followed up with me several days after my move was complete, was shocked to hear my vehicle had not yet arrived. It turns out that someone in their company SOMEHOW mixed up my shipping ID number & postal code in their system, which would explain why they couldn’t find my file, but it didn’t explain why my vehicle had still not been delivered 14 days later.

SIXTEEN days later, my vehicle finally showed up. It was the last vehicle on the trailer & the first vehicle loaded onto the trailer, & it had been resting on its front wheels that entire time (I took photos of it while it was still on the trailer). The vehicle was unloaded on my driveway & asides from it being understandably dirty, it looked perfectly fine. It wasn’t.

Unbeknownst to me, & not visible to the eye, the sidewalls of the front tires were damaged from having to support the weight of the vehicle during a very lengthy trip.

The next day, I got into my vehicle for the first time since I had received it, & the front tires blew simultaneously while I was driving on a 5 lane heavy traffic bridge over water. I barely managed to control the vehicle & I somehow veered to a very tiny shoulder along the bridge. I was with my daughter & the situation was absolutely terrifying. My daughter was crying hysterically & I had to calm myself from having a full blown panic attack. Here we are in a new city, & in a very dangerous situation. Fortunately, a police officer was driving by & called a tow truck, who was just 2 minutes away, & told us to stay in the vehicle until they could safely move traffic, as it was extremely dangerous to get out. The police officer himself had to slide against the bridge railing to get to us.

My vehicle was towed to a nearby Mercedes dealership where they confirmed that the SIDEWALLS OF THE BRAND NEW TIRES I HAD JUST BOUGHT WERE DAMAGED FROM THE TRANSIT OF MY VEHICLE, causing the tires to blow.

After Mercedes told me that the tires blowing up were a cause of the lengthy transport from Alberta to Ontario, I ended up purchasing a pair of used tires from Mercedes to replace the new tires, & I filed a claim with Hansens. I included all the facts, as well as invoices from the towing company & Mercedes, & I had included photos of the incident. Mercedes also offered to cooperate if Hansens needed a professional opinion while processing my claim.

My claim was under $500, which was extremely reasonable since they ruined two of my new tires. I was only billing Hansens for the two used tires & the towing charges that I incurred, & my CLAIM WAS DENIED.

This was a terrible, frustrating, costly & frightening experience. I had given them every opportunity to make this right, & now they want to deny responsibility.

Not recommended

Sep 13, 2015 by Fred

I moved from Ottawa, Canada to Menlo Park, California and shipped my car via Hansen's. The staff at pickup and drop off were very nice and courteous, however somewhere in between my car wasn't treated properly.

I have a factory-height 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe (so it's not that low), yet the underside of my front fender have 2 massive scrapes. Furthermore, all touchpoints inside my car were covered in a layer of grime; the steering wheel, shifter, door latch, and door handle. Finally, they disregarded my specific request and stickie note to use the handbrake at all times when parked. Lastly, the car was held up at the Vancouver land border because someone at Hansen didn't forward some documentation to the local Vancouver office.

My employer covered the fee as part of the relocation assistance, however the treatment of my car, permanent damage, and week-long delay is unacceptable. Would not recommend.

I never throught

Jul 01, 2014 by rammp

I never thought that finding a reliable company to ship my car from Vancouver to Toronto was going to be so difficult. After doing some research all I was looking is people saying that shipping via truck was going to be faster and better than via rail, because of this at the beginning I contacted All Auto Canada Transportation; when doing the quote I asked them the drop off location and they indicated me a certain place, but at the time I was ready to book it they told me a totally different place, which when I google it turns to be the address of another car transportation company. I thought that having so many layers of intermediaries involve all was going to do is increase the price and response time in case things don't go well for any reason. My girlfriend suggested me Hansens and I can't be more grateful. Is considerable cheaper than any truck service, the transportation was via rail and it took 11 days from yard to yard. I just went to pick up the car and was clean inside and out; because they use close carriers you know you won't need to deal with a thick layer of ice and who knows if even broken windshield. The best is the tracking system, which allows you to know where the car is without having to call someone, this will give you an idea of when will be ready for pick up. I will really recommend this for long distance moving if you allow yourself two weeks for car delivery and you can't drive it across the country.

Auto Transport Association , USA 2.3 5.0 4 4 DO NOT USE THIS FRAUDULENT, NEGLIGENT COMPANY. I moved from Alberta to Ontario in the fall of 2020 & I hired this company to transport my Mercedes. I was told the transit time woul
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