Auto Transport Mission and Vision in Canada

Auto Transport Mission

Auto Transport Mission

Our Auto Transport Mission is to improve the car shipping service in Canada. We are established as a non-profit organization to look after the Auto shipping companies, owner operators and car haulers for consumers in Canada. At Auto Transport Association we offer assistance to maximize companies car shipping needs and optimize customer satisfaction throughout the vehicle shipping process. This is what we call our Auto Transport Mission.

On this very site you will discover information related to the car shipping industry that you can adapt to your own auto transport needs together with reviews that aim to improve.

Auto Transport Vision

Just like our Auto Transport Mission, we also have a vision. Which is to provide auto shipping information that customers and carriers need. We will form a platform where customers can find the car carrier’s background, this will allow them to compare and choose wisely. Having clear information, records and testimonials is crucial to prevent scams and also for decision making.

Auto Transport Association understands vehicle shipping can be very complicated, that’s why we are here to help you!  Feel free to Contact us for more information about vehicle shipping in Canada.

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