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Dec 14, 2015 by Caution

This is the worst service ever. I cannot believe I just wasted so much time with a single company. Please don't even look at these guys don't consider them or anything. They are terrible and will SCAM you out of your money. They have zero respect for their customers and all they care about is taking your money. THIS IS A WRNING


Oct 10, 2015 by Raymond

Here is the email that I sent to the owner, a Courtney O'Brien on Feb. 25th 2013. I did NOT receive my Ford Escape until Fri. March 1st 2013. A staggering 21 days after dropping it off at the depot in MTL for shipping.

"Mr. O'Brien.....

This is you MOTO !!! From YOUR company's web page....

We value your business because without you there is no us!
Our Moto: Move My Ride On Time!

I was told prior to agreeing to ship my Ford Escape with your firm, that shipping time from Montreal to Calgary is 5 to 7 days, albeit I did factor in winter weather conditions, I assumed 7 to 10 days.

My Ford Escape was dropped off at the designated location on Friday Feb. 8th 2013 as agreed upon. I was initially told that my vehicle was leaving that DAY to Brampton. Later that day I was informed that, NO, it would only leave from Montreal on Mon. Feb 11th, 2013. This was the first of many acts of misinformation and ineptitude's perpetrated by your company.

On Mon. Feb 11th, 2013 after insuring that my vehicle had in fact left from TranGestion in Montreal, I called your offices to find out when my vehicle would be arriving at your station in Brampton & when it would, subsequently, be leaving from your Brampton location. I was told that Monday, on the phone, that it would be leaving Tues. Feb. 12th, 2013. On Tues. I called back to insure that it had in fact LEFT, and was informed that, NO, it would not leave until Weds. night. Feb 13th, 2013. I was told I would see my vehicle no later than Tues. or Weds. of the next week & that your firm was, and I quote, " sorry for any inconvenience " that this may cause me.

I accepted the apology and was content to wait the extra time, knowing that, " Stuff Happens !!!". Following up on Weds. Feb 13th I was assured that things were right on schedule and that delivery of my Ford Escape was imminent. I requested that I be kept informed of progress & was assured I could be updated on progress, which I was NOT. I called each & every day trying to follow up, with NO information forthcoming & nothing but lip service.

This brings us to Mon. Feb 18th 2013, when I called for an update, I was informed of the debacle, that my Ford Escape was STILL in Brampton and that your PROFESSIONAL DRIVER had loaded the WRONG Ford Escape onto his truck. I was now told that MY Ford Escape would be ON THE FIRST TRUCK out to Alberta, which unfortunately wasn't leaving until Weds. Feb 20th 2013.

Resigned to this reality I was assured THIS time that your company was going to do EVERYTHING possible ( Ya, RIGHT !!! ) to get my vehicle to me. I was told I could call daily for location updates ( that apparent TRACKING SYSTEM you claim on your web site is NON-EXISTENT ), which I have been doing, & on Fri. morning Feb 22 2013 I was informed that the driver carrying my vehicle was entering Manitoba. I was informed that it was in all likelihood I would receive my vehicle Mon. Feb 25th 2013 or Tues. Feb. 26th 2013 worst case scenario.

As has been my habit, I decided to call today, Mon. Feb 25th 2013 for an update, only to be informed that the driver carrying my vehicle had BROKEN DOWN in Manitoba & that NOW, there would be NO CHANCE that I could receive delivery by Tues. Feb 26th 2013 or even Weds. Feb 27th 2013, but POSSIBLY THURS. FEB 28th, 2013. I was told that the driver has a stop in Saskatoon, then Edmonton, THEN & ONLY THEN Calgary.

Now, considering my ordeal & the fact that I have now been waiting on my vehicle since I dropped it off on Feb 8th 2013, 17 DAYS !!! just for the record, as of TODAY, don't you think some kind of EXCEPTION should be made therein by having the driver by-pass his Saskatoon drop off, come DIRECTLY to Calgary delivering MY VEHICLE, then heading up to Edmonton & drop off the Saskatoon delivery on his way BACK to Ontario....would that NOT be the RIGHT THING TO DO ?

I have been informed by my attorney that if I do not get a satisfactory response in the next 2 hours that I should call the Brampton Police Service & the RCMP to report my vehicle as stolen & report your company. I assure you that this is NOT what I want to do, but at some point, this has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. I was & still am a touring musician that has traveled across this continent playing up 200 shows a year for 35 years, logging over 1,000,000 miles by road and my wife is an executive in the logistics field working for DHL & Oceanwide. We KNOW trucking. Once again, this is ridiculous...
This is my phone # 403-XXX-XXXX I expect a call from the OWNER of this firm.

M. Raymond


I unfortunately

Dec 05, 2014 by fuadmurshid

I unfortunately chose Move My Ride to transport my car from Toronto to Vancouver and I wish I haven't . I had the worst service ever.
I dropped off my car 5 weeks ago and I just received my car yesterday. They told me the car would take 9-11 days to be in Vancouver. I dropped the car off on a Thursday and those guys did not send the paper work to the major shipping company until 7 days later, therefore the car did not leave Toronto until Monday that is 10 days after it was supposed to leave. I called them so many times, they put me on hold and hang up every time, I emailed them over 7 times, not a single reply back. I had to rent a car for two weeks in Vancouver while I was waiting for my car. WHEN the car actually got to Vancouver this Monday I went to pick it up and I couldn't because Move My Ride did not pay the shipping company ( J. simons) the money they owed them for my car, keep in mind I paid them a day before I dropped off my car, and when I called them they said they'll do it and they never did till two days later.
I'm speaking to a lawyer already to take them to court for the car rental I paid for. OH BEFORE I FORGET, my car had a flat tire and two major scratches, and they ignored my email also, I had to pay for the tire repair my self and I still haven't fixed the scratches.

Auto Transport Association , USA 1.1 2.0 12 12 This is the worst service ever. I cannot believe I just wasted so much time with a single company. Please don't even look at these guys don't consider them or anything. They are te
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