Paris to forbid old vehicles in downtown

Paris to forbid old vehicles in downtown

Because air pollution levels haven’t decreased in Paris, the authorities have decided to take more harsher measures.

And so, after prohibiting the transit of cars for a day during the summer of 2015 and preventing traffic on the famous Champs Elysees the first Sunday of each month, the government of the French capital has now made the decision to prevent passage to old vehicles into the the city center.

This means that starting July 1st 2016 cars registered before 1997 and motorcycles registered before 1999 can not travel in the heart of the City. Those who fail to comply with this new law will be fined 35 euros at first, while from 2017 the infringement will be 68 euros for cars and 135 euros for trucks.

According to the authorities, this ban affects one of every seven vehicles in Paris, and will force the withdrawal of three million vehicles.

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