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Auto Shipping Reviews in Canada

Auto Shipping Reviews in Canada

Auto Transport Association (ATA) was established to help consumers and car carriers with auto-hauler operation guide-lines.

According to resent studies, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. This reveals the growing importance of online reviews when making a purchase decision.

Eighty-five percent of consumers are satisfied after reading 10 positive reviews. This definitely signifies more engagement with review sites, or could this be a trust issue? Consumer now feel they need to read more positive vehicle transport reviews before developing trust! Auto shipping companies now need 10 positive reviews to satisfy 85% of the consumers!

Seventy-two percent of the consumers state that positive reviews make them trust a car shipping company more. That is 7 out of 10 customers need to see positive car shipping reviews. This shows how important auto transport reviews are. Reputation management cannot be ignored!  Any negative auto shipping reviews will affect customer acquisition as well as company revenue.

We are well aware of consumer opinions. Customer satisfaction is very important! Its so important that it can make or break a company in today’s digital world. Our goal is to make auto transportation easy, reliable, and fair. For this reason, one of our main assets our auto shipping REVIEWS!

ATA’s Auto Shipping Company Review is a feature for consumers. We encourage you to voice your opinion. Having positive reviews will allow companies to gain trust from the consumer and will be motivated to continue providing outstanding service.

We strive to find the best auto transport companies in Canada. Help make the Canadian automobile industry better, fair and transparent! Thank you for using Auto Transport Association Canada.

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