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Don't use them

Sep 18, 2015 by West coast guy

don't use searail. we use searail because they where cheaper, but our car came weeks later being really late and half the time they said their computer is broken down. also when we received our car, the front car had to be painted and badly chips and damaged spoiler. also someone went thru our car and mess everything up and stole many of our hidden stuffs including change in the ashtrays. Their customer service people on site were aweful and told us if we continued to be fustrated with our concern that we would be kick off their property, also if we submitt a claim to searail, we would have to pay a $500 deductable to Searail insurance for them to fix our car. Its much better to use someone else than searail. we are considering taking Searail to court. this incident happen this March 2004. why do you think you have to pay Searail first? because they have so many problems with peoples vehicles with misuse. Also, when you ship your car with Searail they leave your car unlock with the keys in the your car while its being transported. Trust me, your car isn't safe with unlock doors and keys inside your vehicle when your somewhere else.

you decide if you want to use Searail?? i know i 'll never use them


Jul 14, 2015 by Canuck

Well, what a supremely crappy experience I just had with Searail Shipping. First let me start off by saying that I'm just one voice, and maybe others have had a good experience with Searail, but my experience was horrific.

For my move to Canada I had planned to drive my car instead of shipping it, but it turned out that I had to ship it. So I went with Searail. They kept talking about how they ship Ferraris and all kinds of exotic cars and about how they have been in business for a long time. "We're the carefull car movers"

The first problems started when they didn't show up on time to pick up the car. Prior to the pickup day I called my contact at Searail about 4-5 times before to confirm the supposed pickup day but could never reach him... and of course he didn't return my voice mail to say anything had changed. The secretary even said "It'll be picked up on the 6th." Of course, the 6th came and went with no pickup. Since I was leaving the country the next day I had to make arrangements to leave it at my brothers house. The new date from Searail was they were going to pick it up 4 days later. Did they? Of course not, it was picked up about a week late. And of course, they were supposed to call my brother one day beforehand and instead called saying "we're on our way right now."

Ok, here is where it gets scary.

So the car shows up in Canada and since it was being imported into Canada, it was stored at a sufference warehouse in Calgary. To start this off, Searail gave me an 8 year old (no longer valid) address for the warehouse location. They also conveniently forgot to tell me about the fact I'll be charged for having the car dropped off at a location which I can't choose.

So I see the car and ICK, it looked horrendous. Ever see the 4X4 guys who come back from a weekend of mud-bogging? That's what my 993 looked like. Absolutely horrendous, covered in dirt. As I walked up to the car from behind it had a noticeable tilt to the right. The right rear tire was basically flat. It turns out that a huge nasty nail was in my almost brand new S02-A. How they get a nail into a tire driving it onto and then off of a truck, I'll never know.

To make matters worse in two places they tore down parts of the plastic undercovering underneath the car to tie down the car. Then they just left the plastic hanging there.

To top things off there is a new minor scratch on my passenger door.

I can't believe the utter disregard these asses treated my car with. If you ever have to ship your car, ***do not use Searail***. I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you go with an enclosed car shipment service.

Contrary to SeaRail's

Dec 18, 2014 by jumaga

Contrary to SeaRail's advertising claims, they are not "the careful car movers." I hired SeaRail to ship my car and after I received it, it had sustained approx $4000 in damage. Instead of owning up and repairing it (under insurance no less) SeaRail refused.
I have since taken them to small claims court, and WON.
I do not recommending using them as they are unscrupulous liars, you ship with them at your own peril.

Auto Transport Association , USA 1.0 1.0 6 6 don't use searail. we use searail because they where cheaper, but our car came weeks later being really late and half the time they said their computer is broken down. also when we
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