Tesla Model 3 Most Successful Launch Ever?

Tesla Model 3 Most Successful Launch Ever?

Even before reaching the market, much was being said regarding the Tesla Model 3 and the idea that it would be a very popular model, but we had to wait until there was evidence in order to believe it.

This is how we confirmed the facts: In just seven days, Tesla has received more than 325,000 preorders for the electric sedan that will cost $35,000, reaching a total of $ USD 14 billion in future sales, prompting the company to upgrade and improve their factory in Fremont, California. Moreover, it is important to mention that buyers need to pay $1,000 to reserve a car.

According to the company, this release “has been a real effort driven by a passionate Tesla team, that has worked hard to reach this point and achieve getting customers that believe in us. The most important thing is that we are taking a big step towards a better future through the transition to sustainable transportation.”

Such was the success of this model that people who camped outside stores to reserve a Model 3 like if it was Black Friday. In this regard, the CEO of the brand, Elon Musk, is looking for ways to give these people a token of appreciation for their support through a small gift.

Unbelievable isn’t it?

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