Tesla Model 3 Revealed

Tesla Model 3 Revealed

The newest model coming from the Silicon Valley car manufacturer has been unveiled. It’s called the Model 3. With a volume 20% smaller than the well-known Model S this one fits only 5 adults. It’s lithium ion battery pack propels it for a maximum 215 mile range.

The new Tesla Model 3 is planned to support active safety features to avoid crashes and give some liberty to drivers. It is said that it will have a 0-60 acceleration time of under 6 seconds.

One of the good news coming out of the unveiling event is the fact that absolutely all trims of the car come standard with the autopilot hardware, and everybody knows how awesome that is. Lets keep in mind that compared to other vehicles in the same category the Tesla Model 3 blows them all out of the water.

With its superior acceleration, handling and price tag of 35,000 USD. It’s going to be a tough deal to beat for other car makers. But we will have to wait and see as the Model 3 starts shipping to customers homes until the end of 2017 with more than 120,000 reservations being made in the first 50 minutes.

What do you think, did Tesla do it again?

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