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Dec 14, 2015 by Ninaco

This is My first time I had to hire a provider to transport my 2014 International Rollback tow truck over a long distance (Orlando to Grate Falls) .service by Turbo Auto Transport was great and all the people (Aaron and Jennifer)involved in the order execution process were prompt, efficient, and courteous. The coordination among them seemed seamless as well given the multiple departments involved in the whole process. Importantly, my Truck also arrived in good order. I was very satisfied with the experience and would really like to recommend Turbo to others.

Thanks Turbo Transport!!!

Ninaco Auto from Calgary :)


Nov 11, 2015 by Thomas

After some online searches and calling a few places I was directed to Turbo Auto Trasport. They were referred to as being very competent in trasporting vechiles across the border.
Overall I feel the company was professional in handling my order, picking up my truck on-time, contacting me for broker information, taking my visa info and answering my calls. The experience was pretty good until a few weeks go by and my truck wasn't delivered yet. That is when I contacted the dispatch. I totally understood that the bad weather we received the first few months of the year really affected many businesses including trasport carriers. So I waited patiently and called 1-2 times a week for any updates. After 6 weeks go by this is when I start pressing for better information and find out that several carriers are not willing to take my vehicle, either because of the bad weather or becasue freight costs have increased. Finally without any clear answer for when the truck would arrive I get in touch with my attorney to contact the company and demand deliver. This did work and the truck was finally delivered 2 months after pick up.

I dont want to bash this company, they seem to be professional at what they do. It could simply have been bad timing for me. In the end my truck did arrive safely.

Thank you.


Jul 13, 2015 by Don Simpson

I should have been alerted by the hole-in-the-wall office in Calgary where I dropped off my vehicle. Staffed by obviously poorly-paid part-timers. This outfit does not exhibit the professionalism I expect. Car was delivered over a week and a half late. Office staff had no idea where transport was or what caused the problems with timing. Driver seemed to go where he wanted and when. Information on status of delivery was sporadic, late and incorrect. They told us they would advise us ahead of time when vehicle would be delivered so we could meet it, but they didn't. They only told us after the warehouse had closed for the weekend, so we had to make an extra trip during the work week, taking work time off, to pick up vehicle. On arrival, vehicle was filthy but unscratched. This is a fly-by-night unreliable service.

Auto Transport Association , USA 3.8 5.0 6 6 This is My first time I had to hire a provider to transport my 2014 International Rollback tow truck over a long distance (Orlando to Grate Falls) .service by Turbo Auto Transport
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