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Car Shipping Quality

car shipping qualityAs a consumer you will expect to have your vehicle delivered on time and in good conditions. Auto Transport Association encourages car shipping companies to provide a high-quality service. Successful companies know that what the customer feels about them it is important. The more care the auto carrier provides the more business they will continue to have.  Shipping companies that are approved by ATA are those who:

  • Respond to clients as soon as possible
  • Keep clients updated.
  • Go the extra mile!
  • Keep their promises.
  • Don’t confuse their customers purposefully.
Ways to make it cost efficient while keeping the quality equation!

One significant aspect to look for is the size of the car carrier. Smaller car shipping companies have smaller trailers. This could turn out to be a bit more costly since they have to transport less vehicles at a time. Carriers can transport up to 12 vehicles at a time. It is best to ship many vehicles at once where the costs is divided between them all.

Some car carriers charge for a shipment based on the weight of the vehicle. However we invite you to check the car moving reviews before you make a decision since the transport rates might vary.

A car weight cannot change, but we can remove personal objects or boxes to reduce the total weight of the auto-mobile. Each company may have different terms and conditions regarding personal items. We recommend for you to ask if they allow personal belongings in the vehicle and if there would be an extra charge.

There are things that may not be allowed in your auto when being transported, for example tool boxes, additional seats, or other accessories, for safety reasons it is a good idea to remove them.

Preparing your vehicle to be transported.
  • The gas level should be a quarter of a tank, this way you reduce the weight and you leave the right amount to cover the basic driving your vehicle may need.
  • The car alarm should be disabled prior to its transportation,
  • Make sure to remove the antennae, fold in side mirrors, and secure spoilers, fog lights or any loose parts.
  • Securing convertible’s top is highly recommended when shipped in enclosed carriers.

Make sure your auto does not drip or leak any fluids, it might be located on the top deck of the trailer and it could cause damage to the vehicle below it. If your vehicle does leak, please make sure to let your company know so they can make proper handling arrangements. Check the vehicle’s undercarriage and also check for mechanical damages before and after transportation.

Do not leave objects that may cause damage inside the vehicle. Remember your auto will be on the road and objects inside might jump around or move, causing damages. We suggest that you read the transport recommendations  or shipping tips that can be useful for your vehicle transport process.

Keep record of your vehicle’s condition, take pictures of any dents, scratches, or other damage that is already on the car.

If the transport company doesn’t provide any condition report or you are not sure that they have the proper auto insurance please let us know so we can take care of your claim. The most important thing is that you are properly taken care of.

Obtain a shipping quote and check out our  vehicle transport reviews.

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