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Nov 14, 2015 by stephanie

If you have any sense you will not use this company, they seem like a reliable company at first but once they get your money you'll not hear from them unless you contact them first and then they'll just string you along with a pack of lies there an American company using Canadian couriers so to be fair VIM haven't a clue half the time what's going on with the shipment they'll tell you what you want to hear, waiting now 9+ weeks to have my car come to Calgary from Halifax was sitting in orillia at Brian Denenas house that jack ass had no intentions of being me my cat, save yourselves the Hassel pay the extra couple of hundred $ to have a reliable company transport your car.

Nov 03, 2015 by kieth

Total Scam: DO NOT USE THEM: Steven lives in Louisiana and a liar. Brian out of Orillia and a liar. They will take you money and take weeks to get the vehicle, or in my case NOT RETURN THE FUNDS AT ALL. worth it to pay a little more and get your car back. DO NOT USE THESE LIARS

Never Delivered

Oct 18, 2015 by Aileen

My story with Vehicles in Motion started back in June. I contacted them to ship my car from Enfield, NS to Calgary, AB, the cost on the contract was $1750 but $1800 was charged to my credit card. Estimated pick up date was June 20th-21st, but that did not happened until 27th of June.
I was on a trip to Calgary between 24th and 27th of June, so I asked Steven if they had car drop off location in Halifax area, which they should have, according to their website but they never gave me an answer.
Anyway my car was pick up, I thought everything was going well. In mid July, I was told that my car was 72hrs away from delivery, staying in Manitoba somewhere but it did not arrive.
Steven said they had unexpected delay and asked me politely to wait for more, so I did wait patiently and asked for an update occasionally.
On August 1st, again I was told that my car was 2~3 days away from Edmonton - not a typo, it was Edmonton, but it never happened anyway so did not matter.
Delay was understandable, but there is affordable limit. I asked Steven if he could tell me where Brian(the driver) was, I would go pick up my car by myself. Then on August 27th, Steven said Brian was still in Halifax. Here, I would like to put a comments on this. If Brian was coming to Calgary(Edmonton) in July why he did not deliver my car and brought it back to Halifax? It must be either false information or planning for inefficiency.
Ever since my car was picked up, Brian changed his phone number so Steven was only person I could communicate with through email and once in a while on phone. With helps from other people who had troubles with Vehicles in Motion, I could get Brian’s new phone number and the possible location of my car. Here is another strange thing, when I left a message on Brian’s new phone, on the next day I was told from Steven that they had assigned a new driver to the job. Then when I asked Steven for the new driver’s information, the answer I received was that Brian still had my car and he was in Ontario.
Three month was enough waiting, I have tried a few different approaches to contact Brian, then finally got the location of my car. It was found in a driveway of someone’s house, three other cars blocking my way out. It was sitting there for a while not in one of Vehicle in Motion’s depot for some reason.
I tried to make this review as fair as possible without any negativity. Now it is up to you to judge them and hire them.

Auto Transport Association , USA 1.1 4.0 21 21 Cannot rate this company low enough.Just got my two cars after 10 months of being in their possession, and without me knowing where they were. I eventually got a call from a serv
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