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Oct 11, 2015 by stan

Steven Wright of Vehicle in Motion is a fake and heartless man. Did not just loss $1100 to him and he stupid driver Brian Denena but also had to pay to get my vehicle from where it was parked.
The bastard is sitting in the US and deceiving people in Canada with his fraudulent company

Incredible demons!!!!! flee from them

Vehicles in Motion - VERY SAD AND PATHETIC

Sep 26, 2015 by Roy

Subject:Vehicles in Motion – Pathetic Situation... Sad
Review:I hear ya Maria. I won’t even bother with the bold “SCAM” and “FRAUD” proclamations….this is just plain sad. This company's name should not be Vehicles in Motion, it should be "Vehicles Going Nowhere... Sitting Still ... In a Parking Lot". Never in my life have I experienced something like this .. never. Be afraid, very afraid ... if you are expecting anything to come out of engagement of this company ,.. and communication or courtesy, any service. Your money will be taken … yes … and then you will get non-responses, lies, evasiveness and the run-around.... on and on and on and on and on .... It is incredible really. These guys are not delivering eggs. They are handling our VEHICLES... which aside from our houses are the most expensive items most of us will ever own. From what I am seeing they are really messing with people's livelihood and fk’g up their lives. Yet they remain defiant, self-righteous and ironically indignant. What is especially intriguing is that in this day of near instant cross county/global communication, social media and general increased awareness, they (he) think they can get away with their actions. In my case, and for some others, they apparently have … but hopefully someone will be able to put a stop to this. I am of the strong opinion, as many others have stated here and elsewhere, the positive reviews posted have been entered by the one or two (??) people on the other end. How could one explain the vast range in ratings... from 1 (or should be 0 ?!) to 4/5. If you were to extrapolate this rating scheme from 0 - 100, I would expect you would see a bunch of 0s (real), and a bunch of 99s or 100s (fake), with nothing in between?. I think that makes the point rather clearly. So I’m out a few $000 with nothing to show for it… had to get the car moved on my own, for my son. I have spent much money on a simple vehicle move… I don’t have that much money. Some do not realize the stress this creates for people.. or they don't care ? I was thinking of taking this far, high and far, but I can’t be bothered to waste my time. This is submitted with great sincerity and respect to others who may now avoid a very rough ride.

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Sep 23, 2015 by KhanMan

Vehicles In Motion is SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

Email me and I would be happy to share with you all of my fact findings. I don’t want to post all of the details here because I don’t want to give “Steve Wright” and “his team” the satisfaction of all the homework I have done.

Please note VIM does not have a physical office location, “Steve Wright” is not his legal name (he goes by multiple names), he is USA based (yet has Canadian telephone numbers assigned), and even his “drivers” said he’s bad business and to stay away.

Do NOT bother reading the positive reviews or any replies to the negative one’s by the “owner.” Fake user accounts are created to post reviews. Also, if you look at the time when some of the reviews have been posted, they are in late a.m., and ironically it’s one after the other, and some reviews are by the same username but speaking to different transaction. Idiots, for lack of better words!

Anyway, here is my story:

I relocated from B.C. to Ontario, Canada. I signed a contract with “Steve Wright” to ship my car along with most of my belongings well in advance (early July 2015). He promised 7-10 days for delivery to occur, and pick-up was to be every 4 days in B.C. as soon as I made a $1,500 e-transfer to him. Upon payment (mid July 2015), communication started breaking down and I found myself leaving numerous messages and emails for “Steve” that were never replied to. Ironically, if I used a telephone number other than mine he would answer the call on the second ring. Exactly a month after I made a payment, the car was finally picked-up. Now this is where it gets interesting. “Steve” and his drivers refused to answer my phone calls as to the status of the delivery, which well over the 7-10 days he promised. As soon as payment was received, I was being told that delivery is not guaranteed and we don\'t know when it will be delivered.

Long story short, once my car was picked-up, it was hanging out in Onoway, Alberta farm. The driver said he would deliver the car IF he had a free spot on his truck WHEN he would be going out to Ontario next time. I gave up harassing Steve and decided to go after the driver assigned to delivering my car as per contract. Once I made it very clear that I will engage legal counsel and police, the car was delivered within days. However, this came with a condition of paying the driver another $500.

There are many parties involved in how VIM handles business, and I would be happy to give you all the details of what I do know.

Auto Transport Association , USA 1.1 4.0 21 21 Cannot rate this company low enough.Just got my two cars after 10 months of being in their possession, and without me knowing where they were. I eventually got a call from a serv
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